Account request

To get access to the HPC/UCPH systems you need to be either a HPC grant holder or a member of a group holding a current HPC grant. To get an account please do the following two things:

  • Download, print and read the rules-of-conduct form, which is located here. When you have read and understod the terms, sign the form and send or e-mail (photo or scan) it to:
  • SCIENCE HPC Center
    Universitetsparken 5
    DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
    E-mail: support@hpc.ku.dk
  • Fill out the following on-line form. Please fill out all the fields (only one firewall address is required):

First Name:
Last Name:
Full workplace address:
Phone number at work:
Full home address:
Phone number at home:
E-mail address:
Prefered login name:
Prefered shell:
Firewall ip 1: You are allowed to access our servers from 3 different IP addresses. Please specify which addresses you wish to use. Must be public IPs. Ask your group if confused.
Firewall ip 2:
Firewall ip 3:
Next entitlement check: Please select the period that best matches your current plans