Volume filesystem

Volume filesystem has been decommisioned!

Please see our page on the new filesystem: Lustre

The volume filesystem is meant as low-cost storage, where the focus is capacity and durability. While performance is not the main goal, it is based on a scale-out file system that, in itself, is not slow. This means that we can expand to petabytes of storage, while performance increases as we add more storage servers.


You can reach volume storage from all compute nodes and frontends. The groups that have purchased space on the filesystem can access it from this path:



Each group directory will be mounted separately on-demand. Right after access you can view the remaining space with df. I.e.:

% ls /shared/volume/test

% df -h /shared/volume/test
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                      1.0T  4.0M  1.0T   1% /shared/volume/test

Test area

Others groups can test it by using this path:

To test it, create a directory under here with your login as name and store your files under this. I.e. for user foo:
% mkdir /shared/volume/test/foo
Note: There is only 1TB space for testing. Don't put anything important here, because we might delete it when the 1TB is used.